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Back to school chaos

What does August look like in your household? I know for my family, it means back to school, after school activities, fall sports - basically, a lot of chaos. Often times, we get home later than usual, finish homework while cooking dinner, take baths and if we have time, hang out and enjoy each others company. So where does your dog fit into the chaos?

We see a spike in boarding over the summer since most families take vacation or weekend trips. But once school starts, those dogs are often left home all day either alone, or just with Mom or Dad. Kids are no longer there to engage and use some of the dogs energy. We encourage pet owners to consider daycare for their pet - even if it's one-two days/week, part time. When you're headed to the bus stop, drop your pet off and pick them up after homework and sports are complete. Or consider dropping them off while you run errands during the day for play time. Keeping your dog socialized while giving them a positive outlet for their energy is important. We hope to see some of our furry friends that visited us over the summer for play dates in the fall!

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