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Spring is Here. Bring on the Allergies!

Just like us humans, animals are vulnerable to the effects of the blooming season. While some pups experience allergies year round, some have seasonal allergies depending on what is going on the environment. The past two years, since the record flooding, we've seen in an increase in environmental allergies. My oldest dog, Tchoupitoulas is 7. We've never had any issues with gooey eyes or sneezing. Last year, we had to bring her to the vet and start her on 4 sets of eye drops because of dry eye and allergies. Have you ever tried to put 4 sets of eye drops in a dogs eye? HELP!

Gooey eyes, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, itching - those can all be signs of allergies. Red skin, hot spots, rashes, ear infections, obsessive licking are also signs to keep an eye out for. Dogs can take benadryl (ask for your vet for proper dosage) or other meds prescribed by your vet. Bathing with an oatmeal shampoo as well as using coconut oil can also provide some relief for those skin allergies.

Regardless of the signs, don't overlook them. Allergies can be miserable for your pet and if not treated properly can have long term effects.

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