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Happy Birthday to Us!

Can you believe it's our second birthday? Our baby is 2. Some days, it still feels like we just completed construction and other days, we feel like these dogs have been a part of our life forever.

So what have we been up to?

Let's talk staff. Thankfully, we have had a lot of consistency with our team. Unfortunately, some team members have graduated college and moved on - bummer for us! But, we continue to hire compassionate caregivers to ensure your pup is cared for the best way possible!

We expanded our grooming department which we can all agree was much needed. Thanks to the excellent service Brooke provides, our grooming calendar was quite full. So, we expanded our grooming space which allowed us to add a second groomer to our team. Alisha joined us in January, and has truly been an asset to our company.

Daycare and boarding services have been busy! However, we've stayed true to our word - we do not overbook our services! We often get asked if clients can bring their own kennel or crate to house their pup in during their stay. If we do not have a kennel or suite available, we do not accept the dog for boarding. The reason? Safety. While we can always add staff, we cannot add space. So adding even 5 extra dogs can become unsafe in our play areas. I hate saying no, because I value the trust clients place in our hands and I hate to have to turn dogs away, but I hope in return, clients see that your pups health and safety are our top priority! We recommend booking your boarding with as much advance notice as possible to guarantee your spot!

Lastly, we changed the name of our volunteer program to better describe what we offer. Cuddle buddies are seniors and retired individuals who cuddle and love on your pup! It's that simple!

We continue to grow, learn, expand our knowledge and constantly strive to be the best of the best! Owning Paws and Paw Paws has been a dream come true. I'm honored and thankful so many families choose our facility to care for their family pet. Thank you for supporting our locally owned business. Cheers to the next year!

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