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Our 2018 Commitment

We had our first staff meeting of 2018 last night. Although we discuss ideas, goals and challenges daily, I feel it's important we come together as a team to ensure we're on the same page. Our first partial calendar year of business brought really great learning experiences. We are fortunate to care for some of the best dogs Acadiana has to offer and work with some of the best vets in town. Different than some of our competition, our goal isn't to be the biggest, or take in the most dogs. We learned early on that there is a limit not due to space but comfort. We do not want to overload the dogs we care for or the staff that cares for them. We continue this commitment in 2018. Our past year wasn't perfect, by any means, but our customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and when it hasn't been, we used the information to grow and get better.

As a team, we agree that we want to provide the safest environment for the dogs we care for. We have discussed ways to make entry and exit into our play yards safer. Today, we replaced our fence system in order to provide a safer play area for our smaller dogs. We will continue to make upgrades to our play areas as long as the dogs are a direct benefit. This year, we plan to add an additional play area camera to the two we already have set up. This will provide parents the ability to view their dogs when they are inside during extreme temperatures and not miss out on watching play time. Our biggest commitment is establishing and meeting customers expectations and being thorough on explaining the services we provide as it pertains to each dogs daycare, boarding or grooming visit.

Supporting Paws and Paw Paws means you support a dream of mine, a staff that is committed to being the best, a local company that gives back to the community and so much more. We work hard to earn the trust of each of our clients and to those who supported us in 2017, we can't thank you enough! Cheers to 2018!

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